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Holy Saturday

Posted on Saturday, April 7, 2012 in Mamie
Today we wait. Today Jesus is dead. Today hope has taken one in the teeth. Holy Saturday is perhaps the hardest day in Holy Week to figure out. There is little or nothing in our Gospel stories about Holy Saturday. Perhaps everyone just sat around in shock today, so many years ago, so there is not much to be told. Perhaps it was too hard to write about the emotional devastation; maybe it seemed impossible to admit to the anger or despair of today once the resurrection had happened. Still, the truth is, it had to be a blow. What we can be sure of is that today is a day of mourning. The crucifixion was yesterday. The casseroles start today. Over the years I have felt more and more deeply the importance, the sacredness of Holy Saturday. It is a liminal space. It a an "already, but not yet" moment in which Christ has risen already, but not yet. That still waits for tomorrow. Today is for sad. Today is for depressed. Today is for hopeless. Today is for confused. Today is for desperate. Today is for disbelief. Today is for angry. It often feels like folks want to skip over today, as the texts do - to make today about tomorrow. I want us to always remember that we live in a resurrection world, in an empty cross, open tomb reality, but that does not mean we are always about rejoicing. Part of what Holy Saturday does is it offers one day in which sadness and despair are holy. It says that exhaustion and emptiness are not outside of God. It says that if you can't quite get over the disappearance of your husband, the murder of your son, the loss of your land and your dignity, then that piece of you that remains in waiting and cannot yet feel any joy...that part is holy too. Richard Rohr points out that "...there only needs to be one single Easter Sunday for us to know the final and eternal pattern. We now live inside of such cosmic hope", and I totally agree with that. I also agree with him that, "Most of human life is Holy Saturday..." Waiting is hard. Good luck.

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  1. Phil Romine says:

    Thank you, Mamie, for helping keep us focused on all the holy moments of our lives. Holy Saturday seems a fitting capstone to Lent.

  2. JoAnn says:

    I too enjoy reading Richard Rohr and loved his devotion for Saturday. Thanks for including him in your observation of Saturday. I loved it too :)

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