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Violence and Poverty

Posted on Tuesday, November 15, 2011 in Richard
I've been thinking through the connections between poverty and violence recently, and gathering up a batch of links from around the web.  While many policy attempts are made to reduce violence or protect certain populations, tackling the roots of this violence - the gross social inequities that are so prevalent in Latin America, are much harder projects.  Here's a survey of stories that link these two fundamental issues Violence / Impunity Colombia is 5th most dangerous country on earth: Study - Colombia news | Colombia Reports Bloggings by boz: More dangerous than Mexico From a year ago, but the trend continues.  I'll bet that almost no consumer of US news thinks that Mexico is safer, in terms of homicide rates, than all of Central America and much of South America.  Interesting to compare actual statistics and our perceptions based on the nightly news. 2010 most violent year since paramilitary demobilization: Report - Colombia news | Colombia Reports Court reverses 10 army murder sentences - Colombia news | Colombia Reports Controversial plans for separate military courts to be included in judicial reform - Colombia news | Colombia Reports Violentology An interesting alternative view at the overall story of violence in Colombia over the past 10ish years.The author Stephen Ferry 's TED video is well worth a watch for Spanish speakers. Poverty Colombia is joint 5th most unequal country in region - Colombia news | Colombia Reports Why is inequality falling in Latin America? - Global Dashboard Reflecting the regions positive shift away from inequality, mostly based on left of center government's social spending.  (Sounds heretical to US ears, right?)  Human Development Index: how does your country compare? | Map | Datablog | News |    

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  1. Pauline Coffman says:

    This is an important collection of sources, Mamie and Richard. Of course, it is all related. Throw them all in prison! we say in the US. Then the judges say the prisons are overcrowded…it is hard to stay positive when so many forces converge in the wrong direction.

    But then there are signs of hope whenever logic and common sense penetrates the gloom. Thanks!

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